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Mounting and Laminating

Globe can mount all types of substrates for strength, providing unique and stunning design opportunities.

Globe can mount all types of substrates; from chipboard to foam core, corrugated to foam rubber, and many other materials to add strength while retaining eye-catching aesthetic properties. In addition to the substantial cost savings, mounting printed sheets to corrugated cardboard material opens the door to limitless creative options to enhance your brand.

Globe can mount mounting substrate to substrate, providing a wide variety of options for combining materials such as chipboard, corrugated, cover stock, foam core, and plastics up to 39” x 52″. Whether mounting paper to paper, paper to corrugated cardboard, chipboard, foam board, or other materials together, Globe's mounting and laminating service offers unique ways to create your products.

Application Examples

Book Covers
Retail Display Graphics
Point-of-Purchase Counter Cards
Product Assembly and Game Boards
Wrapped Boxes with Full Print
Extra Thick Business Cards and Postcards

Mounting and Laminating

Automatic Mounting Machine:
Mounts to all substrates such as chipboard, corrugated, cover stock, foam core, and plastics up to 39” x 52″.
We provide substrates as well as board lining.
Minimum Board. .010.
Minimum Label 80# text.
Full Mount from 11″ x 16″ up to 40″ x 53 3/4″ Label.
Spot Mounting: Can apply 8 x 8 label in register onto 48″ x 63″ sheet. Because of laminating action, minimum crush is put on flute, when using a corrugated board.

Hand Mounting:
Up to 41″ x 65″ sheet size.
Normal paper and board, Corrugated, Foam Core, Foam Material, Plastics, etc.
Minimum Board .010.
Minimum Label 80# text.