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Window Patching

Globe applies plastic films to die-cut windows for customers who wish to visually display their product.

Window patching is a technique where a window film is affixed to a folding carton. Globe offers both rigid (8mil to 16mil) and flexible (2mil to 5mil) window films. As the folding carton is fed into the machine, glue is applied on the edges of the die-cut window and the transparent window film is placed into the carton.

The soft window is the choice most commonly used as it is the most cost effective windowing method. A rigid window is typically used when a unique and/or more luxurious appearance and feel is desired.

Production Capabilities

Two high speed soft window patching machines, 2 mil to 5 mil.

Soft window patching from 2 mil to 5 mil.

Rigid window placement includes single and double scored windows from 8 mil to 16 mil. Foil stamping is also available for rigid windows.

Sample Selections

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