Window Patching

Globe applies plastic films to diecut windows for customers in the cosmetic, food and other industries who needs the wish to visually display their product.

Window patching is a technique where a window film is added on a folding carton. Globe offers a variety plastic films for window both rigid widow (hard) and flexible window (soft) patching. As folding cartons are fed into the machine, glue is applied on the edges of the the diecut window via a rotating cylendar. The transparent windows are placed and pressed onto the carton. Globes’s state-of-the-art technology and process is cost-effective and provides fast production.

The soft window is usually derived from polyester film and can be recyclable. It is perfect for packaging with curved structures. A hard window is typically used when for unique designs and adds a luxurious appearance to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals or in packaging with large windows. The crystal clarity impressively displays the product in the package.

Production Capabilities

Vega Finester high-speed window patch machine, two international 5A Window Patch machines.

Rigid window placement includes single and double scored, or foil stamped windows from 8 mil to 16 mil.

Soft window patching from 2 mil to 5 mil.

Proprietary Pick and Place equipment for tipping items that require tight registration.

In-line insertion of PI’s, CD’s and product sample packets, as well as label and security tag applying, and affixing of double-sided tapes.

Double-sided tape can be affixed to full press sheets, pre-die cutting if needed

Ecologically friendly equipment (non-solvent) for adhesion of mylar and film laminated products, as well as some plastics.

Sample Selections

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