Globe Die Cutting Products -

High Speed Folding and Gluing

Globe's folding and gluing capabilities, including right angles, are extremely precise and accurate. This is critical for optimal productivity during high speed filling.

A two dimensional die-cut sheet comes to life as a three dimensional folding carton at the final stage of the process. Globe's fully automated production assembles all of the components of the design, including folds, creases, and pre-breaks, and then glues the final pieces together. Accuracy and quality are monitored throughout the process. Every folding carton delivered is perfect and meets your standards

Globe's technologies and capabilities are not only efficient and reliable, but also reduces your packaging costs and delivers a fast turn-around time. No matter how complex the design or how close the delivery schedule is, Globe produces exceptional results.

Production Capabilities

High speed folding and gluing machines up to 50″

Right angle capability with Alpina Gyro

Presentation and capacity folders and envelopes (cover stock only)

All gluing machines equipped with HHS glue scanners and barcode readers

Our gluing equipment is capable of automatic insertion on of PI’s, packets, and CD’s

Globe can apply Kleen-stick tape in sheet form and individual blanks

Items we can glue include: Right angle, straight line internal dividers, auto-bottom, and 4 & 6 corner cartons

Sample Selections

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